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About Us

JPS stands for Just Practical Solutions. Just like our slogan, we take pride in helping our clients bridge the gap to success by providing practical solutions to meet their business needs. We help to manage the fine details, allowing our clients to focus on what truly matters - their core business and customers. Armed with in-depth knowledge of the relevant industries and wide property investor network, JPS Consultancy has helped over 500 aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners and property investors to achieve their goals by providing proactive and holistic solutions.

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What We Do

We aspire to be the Go-To business hub for businesses, investors and talents. Click on the links below to explore our range of solutions and services

We Are

Experience and
Meticulous Team

We understand that any business’s core objective is to maximise profit and revenue. Having professionals in the relevant field to analyse and balance the seemly endless amount of numbers will allow you to focus on the vital aspects of your business.

We Deliver
Peace of Mind

The seemingly endless stream of data and analytics may slow your efficiency in business expansion. With our vast technical expertise in a comprehensive range of specialised services, we provide clients with a peace of mind by delivering pragmatic results in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Established And
Wide Network

As a growing and Go-To Business Hub, we collaborate with business partners that have established track records, good business ethics and integrity. We continuously review our clients’ feedback of our business partners to ensure that we only provide the best value to our clients, ensuring a smooth start-up to existing business owners.

Customers Now Smiling

At JPS Consultancy, we are highly driven to help our clients bridge the gap to success and giving them a peace of mind by being the trusted and Go-To business resource hub. We believe in making business processes easy for our clients to be a key support pillar for their business, allowing them to focus on increasing sales and making key business decisions. Clients chose and stay with us as we truly care for their business.

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